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Canadian and World Studies

Canadian and World Studies

"In Canadian and world studies, students develop skills, knowledge and understanding, and attitudes that will serve them both inside and outside the classroom, including in the world of work and as responsible citizens in the various communities to which they belong. The focus of teaching and learning in the Canadian and world studies curriculum is the development of ways of thinking and of transferable skills that students need in order to acquire and apply knowledge and understanding. Students apply these concepts of thinking and skills in a variety of contexts to examine information critically; to assess the significance of events, developments, and processes; to develop an understanding of and respect for different points of view; to reach supportable conclusions; and to propose solutions to, and courses of actions to address, real problems."

~taken from The grade 9/10, and 11/12 Revised Ontario Curriculum Documents for CWS.​

Friday November 2, 2018 (period 1)

As part of the unit on Canada in the 1920’s, the students of Mrs. Burrell’s CHC 2D prepared informative and fun learning activities on the following trends of the 1920's.

* Technology and New Inventions

* Prohibition and Gangster Culture

* Dance and Art

* Fashion and Flappers

* Movies and Movie Stars

* Sports and Athletes

Mr. Trewin grade 9 religions class, Ms. Regier’s grade 9 math classes attended as well as Ms. Marszal’ grade 11 anthropology class.

It was a fantastic display of student led teaching and learning!

CWS 1920s 01.jpg CWS 1920s 02.jpg CWS 1920s 03.jpg

CWS 1920s 04.jpg

Below: Students attended the museum of Archeology in London (Fall 2018). They experienced an underwater archaeological dig as well as a grid cookie excavation. HSF3U

MVIMG_20181010_104125.jpg  MVIMG_20181010_111421.jpg

MVIMG_20181010_122148.jpg MVIMG_20181010_125826.jpg

Upcoming Department Events:

> October: Oxford County Archive – visited Mr. Angaran and Mr. Delodder’s Grade 11 and 12 law classes to explore and analyze actual cases from Woodstock and surrounding area.

> November 9th, Remembrance Assembly

* Welcoming special guest speakers: Sgt Mike Pritchard and Cpl Bill Mallinson

Nov. 14 – Oxford County Archives – will be coming to engage CHC 2D students in hands-on inquiry sequence (using primary sources) of actual event in Woodstock and Oxford County during the 1930’s leading up to WWII.


Mrs. Burrell’s CHC 2D and CHC 2P history classes will be attending this field trip along with Mme. Hoy’s Canadian History class on Dec. 18, 2018

Students will be participating in the following activities:

1) A student will be invited to wear a World War II Supermarine Spitfire combat pilot’s uniform.

2) .Metal Work: A great activity that demonstrates how women (and men too) contributed to the war effort tthrough the sheet metal construction of military aircraft during World War II. The story of Rosie the Riveter is presented. Students will be shown how to temporarily fasten sheet metal to an aircraft frame using temporary rivets called Clecos. Actual aircraft parts will be used.

3) Ribs’n Wings: Students will take wing ribs and assemble them with leading and trailing edge spars to form an airfoil just as they were assembled in World War II.A great photo op when the project is complete

4) Codes and Ciphers: Students will be invited to send a secret message to spies behind enemy lines using Morse Code technology. Actual encoding devices will be used. Other wartime communication coding technologies will be demonstrated as well.