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St. Marys Catholic High School
Serving French Immersion students in Oxford County.
Admissions & Registration
Scholarships and Financial Planning

​​​For the List of Awards and Bursaries, along with Applications, please click on each of the following documents (this information will be updated each year when it becomes available):

1. SMHS Awards and Bursaries 2018-19.pdf(this document explains what to hand in)

2.   Award and Bursary Application (print this out, fill it in, and hand it in. Only 1 application is required no matter how many awards you indicate that you are applying for.)

3.   Guidance Financial info for bursary fillable (fill this out, print off and hand in if award criteria lists financial need)

4.  bursary list.pdf(read the criteria, print off, check off the ones you want to apply for, and hand in)

The application, financial form and bursary list are all due to the Guidance Office by Thursday March 21, 2019. There are no exceptions to this deadline.

F​inancial​​ Planning:

It is the responsibility of the student and his/her family to become familiar with the sources of financial aid available for post-secondary studies. Students may keep up to date on available financial aid options by attending workshops offered by their guidance counsellor, visiting web sites, speaking to representatives from post-secondary institutions, and researching opportunities outside of the school.