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St. Marys Catholic High School
Serving French Immersion students in Oxford County.
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Library FAQ's

When is the Library open?

8:00 am - 4:00 pm (Closed 12 -1 for lunch, although staff with classes may use the library)
The library may be closed from time to time for staff meetings or all-school events (a notice will be posted on the main library doors).

Main Phone Number: 519-675-4435 ext. 27070

Borrowing from the Library
How do I borrow books from the Library?
Come to the circulation desk (the main desk) with your items and tell Mrs. Roefs your last name.

Do I need my student I.D. to borrow from the Library? 

Where can I find the passwords so I can use databases and eBooks when I am away from the school building?
Pick up a password handout sheet in the library.

May I borrow magazines?
Yes, the library subscribes to various interest magazines. The most current issue stays in the library for in-library reading, but previous issues may be signed out for one week.  In addition, you may read magazines available through the databases we subscribe to. Ask Mrs. Roefs to help you find them.

I think I've lost something that I borrowed from the library. What should I do?
Come to the library and speak with Mrs. Roefs.

I think I returned something but I'm still getting overdue notices. What should I do?
Come to the library and speak with Mrs. Roefs.

I work on the staff at St. Mary's HS. May I borrow from the library? 
Yes! All staff are welcome to borrow from the library.

How long may I keep library materials?
The loan period for most library material is 3 weeks. 

Magazines: 1 week

USB's: overnight

Library books may be renewed if needed. See librarian to do so.

Working in the Library
When can I work in the library?
You can come at 8:00 before the first bell. Pending room, you can come use the library during the period with a note from your teacher.

You can be in the library for most of your lunch. If you have first lunch, come to the library at 11:25 and when the library closes at 12:00, go to the caf to eat your lunch. If you have second lunch, go to the caf to eat your lunch and then come to the library when it opens at 1:00.

You can work in the library after school until it closes at 4:00 p.m.

May I eat and drink in the Library?
Water is the only beverage permitted in the library. No food please.

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Research Help 

Citations and bibliographies are confusing to me. Help?
Sure. Stop by the library and Mrs. Roefs will be happy to assist you. There is also information available online on the Research and Writing and Citing Pages of the school library website.

I'm working on a research assignment. Is there someone who can help me find resources in the Library?
Definitely. Please stop by the library where Mrs. Roefs will be happy to assist you.

Technology Help 

When is tech help available in the Library?
Please ask Mrs. Roefs for help with your device. If she can't figure it out, she will find someone who can.

I need to print/photocopy something tricky. Where do I go? Will someone help me?
Please ask Mrs. Roefs for assistance with the Student Photocopier located beside the circulation desk. Bring your dimes, as each side of a black and white (only) page will cost $0.10.

The 28 computers in the library are linked to a laser black and white (only) Xerox printer. Each time you want to print, you must install the printer from the desktop. Each semester Mrs. Roefs loads each student account with 50 pages. If you run out, please see Mrs. Roefs to add print credit to your account ($0.10 a page)

Please ask Mrs. Roefs if you need assistance or to report an issue with a computer.

Working in the Library
I am a student and would like to volunteer in the library. Who should I talk to?
Please talk to Mrs. Roefs. The library needs student workers who are reliable, friendly, cooperative, and have good communication skills. Normally, in our small library, the School to Community Pathways students work in the library twice a week.

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