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St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School
Admissions & Registration

Registration and Course Selection

Thank you for choosing STA as your school for next year!  Please, review the instructions below that apply to you.​

Current STA Students & LDCSB Grade 8's

Beginning in February​, STA students and feeder school grade 8's will be selecting courses for the next school year. Courses are selected using Career Cruising, which is an online course selection process for LDCSB students. All students are required to "lock in" their courses by February 21st. Once courses are selected and "locked in", a sign-off sheet must be printed, signed by a parent/guardian, and returned to the student's school accompanied by the student fee for the new school year.​

Click on this link for a set of instructions for completing the online course selection.​  Online Registration Instructions 2019

Note: It is imperative that students and their parents consider the initial course selection held in February with great care. Any changes instituted by students or their parents after this initial selection will not be guaranteed.


Students New to LDCSB

​​​​​For non-LDCSB students wishing to register at STA for the next school year, registration packages will be available at our New Student Open House on Thursday, December 6, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.  After this date a registration package can be picked up from the Guidance Centre.  All packages are due to the Guidance Centre by February 14, 2019. Registration is dependent upon the submission of a complete registration package, with all required documentation, and potentially an interview with the Vice-Principal. Anyone wishing to register after February 14 will be allowed to do so on an individual basis subject to the availability of courses.

For course information, visit the STA Course Calendar or review the courses available on the following charts.

Grade 9 & 10 Courses Offered Table

Grade 11 & 12 Courses Offered Table

The following Powerpoint presentations provide information about things to consider when choosing courses for the next grade level:

The Journey Begins: Planning for Success in Grade 9

The Journey Continues: Planning for Succes in Grade 10

The Journey Continues: Planning for Success in Grade 11

The journey Continues:  Planning for Success in Grade 12