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St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School
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Description and Services

Chaplaincy Services are an integral part of the community of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School. Chaplaincy is a collaborative and cooperative ministry and as such, involves all staff and students during each school year.

The Chaplaincy Leader works in pastoral ministry within the school community. With the support and assistance of our school’s administration team, the chaplaincy leader promotes the spiritual and human development of the Catholic school community of St. Thomas Aquinas. This care and development occurs during the work of spreading the Word of God and promoting our Catholic teachings.

Parish and Diocesan partnerships are a critical part of our school’s chaplaincy department. We are blessed to have wonderful connections to Holy Family and St. George parishes. The chaplaincy leader maintains diocesan relationships by attending deanery meetings, participating in formation and utilizing professional development opportunities via St. Peter’s Seminary Institute for Ongoing Formation, King's and Brescia Universities and the Catholic School Chaplains of Ontario Association.

Student Activities and Opportunities offered through Chaplaincy are many. These may be experienced inside the school (e.g. classroom, chapel, and school liturgies) or can happen outside of the school (e.g. parishes, community service partners, and field trips). Some are offered during the school day and others outside of regular school hours. Examples of activities include:

  • leading prayer in the school
  • celebrating prayer liturgies, Mass and Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • chapel visits and chapel Masses
  • visits by parish staff (priests and lay ministers)
  • faith formation through field trips and workshops
  • retreats
  • social justice education and action projects
  • school-wide community outreach 
  • Catholic leadership development

Individual and Family Support is offered through the chaplaincy leader to all members of our school community (regardless of religious denomination or beliefs). The chaplaincy leader is available for meeting with individual students during the school day and can facilitate all types of support.

Prayer Support is offered to all students and staff through both private and public options (e.g. individual, group, prayer ministry, Morning Prayer and Mass intentions).