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Jean Vanier Catholic School
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This system library was created by the Publishing feature to store documents that are used on pages in this site.
2017 Focus Days_St Thomas Aquinas C.S.S_153.pdf
Byron Pizza.JPG
christmas concert .pdf
Christmas invite gingerbread.pdf
EQAO school highlights.pdf
ESEL JK package 2018-2019-Final.pdf
fun fair 2017.pdf
Holiday Products Poster - Mabels Labels Fundraising.pdf
Italian INFO SHEET 17-18.pdf
Jansen Toy Drive.pdf
Jean Vanier 2017-2018 Adopt a school _.pdf
Jean Vanier Heights_Choose to boost veggies  fruit.pdf
JV Byron Pizza Fundraiser.pdf
JV Indigo Fundraiser.pdf
JV Newsletter May - 2017.pdf
JV- Newsletter-DECEMBER-2017 final.pdf
JV- Newsletter-Novemberr-2017.pdf
JV- Newsletter-October edit DRB-2017 (1).pdf
JV-Newsletter June 2017-Final.pdf
Letters for students with allergies 2017.pdf
PA Day Bussing to FC's - 2017-18.pdf
Public Consultation 2018 invitation Flyer Final.doc
School Belonging Plan Jean Vanier 2017-2019.pdf
Sept Agenda 2017 school council.pdf
SIP-Jean Vanier - 2017- 2018.pdf
SIP-Jean Vanier - 2017-
Student Parliament Update December  2017.docx
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