School Resource Officer Program Review Update

The London District Catholic School Board (LDCSB) has accepted the unanimous decision to proceed with the recommendations of a comprehensive trauma informed review of the School Resource Officer Program.


While the School Resource Officer Program is currently on pause in our schools, the LDCSB is moving forward with the report’s recommendations to re-design the School Resource Officer program by collaborating with members of the Leadership Committee, current students, parents, alumni, and community partners. The work begins now, and hopefully will be completed within the 2021-22 school year.


“We are listening and honouring the voices of BIPOC students, parents, and alumni and moving towards reconciliation creating a better community for all,” said Stephanie Circelli, Superintendent of Education. “Now that the review is complete, we look forward to continuing to build on our strong relationships with our community partners and collaborating with students, parents and alumni to re-design the program to better serve our students and their families. We know that we must put forth a concerted effort to implement changes to help those who may not feel safe with an ongoing police presence in schools.”


The LDCSB will continue to use a trauma-informed approach that creates a psychologically safe space, an environment and readiness to reconcile past systemic and racial injustices and opportunities for generative dialogue that harmonizes power relationships.



About the Program Review

The purpose of the review was to understand the School Resource Officer program through the lens of systemic racism and the experience and perception of young people, parents and past graduates, especially those from Black, Indigenous, & People of Colour communities. We wanted to understand the program with regard to inclusion, relationship building, respect and sharing of responsibilities/power. We also wanted to learn about the experiences of community members with police in general.


In May 2020, following the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the worldwide protests against racism and racial injustice, questions were received about the role of policing in local school boards from community members.


A Leadership Team was formed with representatives from the two local English school boards; police services; and community leaders representing Black, Indigenous, & People of Colour communities. A working committee was then established to assist in carrying out the work of this review, which included interviews with various groups as well as a survey.


What is a School Resource Officer?

Every school has a School Resource Officer who is assigned to that school. A key goal of the School Resource Officer Program is to have police in schools to enhance the curriculum by partnering with the police, and to build relationships between community officers and students. This is done through Education, Prevention and Community interventions.


Each of these officers are tasked with building long lasting relationships with both staff and students in line with community policing principles. School Resource Officers also teach set lesson plans to various ages and grades. Topics include: drug and alcohol use and addictions; bullying; cyber safety; diversity / tolerance and human trafficking. The officers respond to non-emergency calls for service at their respective schools, which could include a student requiring help, guidance and / or remedying an issue.