About the Board

From the time a student enters one of our schools to the time they graduate, the London District Catholic School Board, through the relationships of home, school and parish, brings each student closer to God and the person God intends them to be.
Our Mission
To serve our students through excellence in Catholic education.
Our Vision 
Inspired by Christ. Learning together. Serving together.​
Our Values
  • Success for all students - ensure that all students will succeed given their God-given abilities, talents and gifts.
  • People of Faith - develop a community of believers, called by God to put faith into action.
  • Inclusive - Build a diverse community that is inclusive, welcoming, safe and Christ- centred.
  • Respectful - interact in a way that respects each individual and our relationships with one and other as members of God’s family.
  • Inspiring - inspire faith through Word, Worship and Witness. Inspire excellence so we will be our best for the world.
  • Transparent - Communicate in an honest, transparent and easily understood manner.
Our Logo
The Board's identifying logo symbolizes the spiritual essence and outreaching energy of the Mission Statement. The seven leaf flames represent community and the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit: Understanding, Knowledge, Fortitude, Wisdom, Counsel, Piety and Fear of the Lord. The cross represents Christ Centered and source of our Life.
About the LDCSB
The London District Catholic School Board seeks to develop in our students a love of God, people and self, an appreciation of prayer and a moral foundation to assist them as they journey through life. Catholic schools provide a complete academic program in an environment that integrates learning, religious instruction, Gospel values, and spiritual formation into all aspects of the curriculum. The schools have strong links to parishes.
The administrative, teaching and support staff are dedicated to teaching learners in a student-centered educational community. This philosophy nurtures values, skills and the ability to learn based on each student’s potential and is directly linked to well defined and measurable outcomes.​​
Who We Serve and How We S​​erve
​The London District Catholic school system has 43 elementary and 9 secondary schools providing a full range of education experiences from Junior Kindergarten through to the completion of sec​ondary school. In addition, Continuing Education for adult learners is available. Approximately 26,000 students in the counties of Middlesex, Oxford and Elgin​, including the cities of London, St. Thomas, Strathroy and Woodstock are educated in our school system.​​
Early French immersion is available in London, St. Thomas and Woodstock. In addition, secondary school French programs are available at Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School in London, St. Mary's Catholic High School in Woodstock and St. Joseph's Catholic High School in St. Thomas.
Artistically and musically inclined students can attend grades 5-8 at St. Mary Choir and Orchestra School, which offers a concentrated music and arts program. Students with special needs are welcomed and provided for in our school communities.
English as a second language programs are also available. Special emphasis is placed on programs for those who plan to go directly to the workforce. 
Catholic Central High School offers an International Baccalaureate Program. All schools are equipped with audiovisual, computer and library resources that reflect today’s high-tech society and need for information.
St. Patrick Adult + Continuing Education, located in London, provide adult learners with opportunities to pursue further studies in academic credit courses. English as a second language, heritage language, computer studies upgrades, and the adult basic education.
Through the Religious Education and Family Life Program, a wholesome attitude toward life and learning is cultivated whereby values are derived from the rich traditions of the Catholic faith based on the teachings of Christ.
Community Involvement
School Board Trustees and system employees serve on many municipal, charitable, social and institutional committees thus linking education more directly with the broader community. 
Local Catholic School Parent Councils are an integral part of the system whereby parents, teachers and members of the school community become involved in the education of students. As part of the decision making process, they bring their wisdom, knowledge and insight to the school.
The Catholic Church, through its many parishes, plays a significant role in connecting local schools with all parishioners thus strengthening the belief that the home, the school and the Church share equal responsibility for the education of the child.​