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Music Extension Programs

We offer unique music extension programs at both the elementary and secondary level. 

Elementary: St. Mary's Choir and Orchestra Program

St. Mary's Choir offers a program for grades 5-8. Admission is based on audition and invitation. Students study both vocal and string music in addition to the regular academic curriculum. The school nurtures faith development and offers enriched learning experiences.

For more information about the elementary music program click here.​ 

Secondary: Catholic Central High School Music Extension Program

CCH is home of the Board's System Music Program. Starting in Grade 9, students are able to choose a focus of string and/or vocal courses in their studies. The program is designed primarily for students graduating from the St. Mary Choir and Orchestra Program; however, students who have had significant vocal and/or string music training are eligible to audition for the program. 

For more information about the secondary music program click here.