School Closure Review

The purpose of an Accommodation Review Committee (ARC or school closure review) is​ to undertake a review of any possible school closure(s). All relevant background information, including the Preliminary Administrative Report, key meetings dates, public notices, Committee meeting agendas and minutes will be posted here.

Policy J 2.2 School Accommodation Policy (School Closure Review) ​​​outlines the process for undertaking a school consolidation review. 

The following are key steps the Board must undertake:​

  • ​Administration to submit a Preliminary Administrative Report to trustees. Trustees make the decision to undertake an accommodation review, and the report is shared with the public.  The report must contain a recommended accommodation option, the results of community partnership consultations with local​ agencies and community partners, and a School Information Profile for each school under review.
  • If the Board decides to proceed with a school accommodation review, the Preliminary Administrative Report will be circulated to stakeholders and community partners, including the local municipality, and published on the Board's website to solicit public participation.
  • ​Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) is formed and ARC members are provided an orientation regarding their role and the process for the review.
  • ARC membership consists of 3 Trustees (one to function as Chair), ​​​​​​​1 Superintendent (appointed by the Director)​, 2 representatives nominated by the school council from each school under review, 2 representatives from the District Parent Involvement Committee not associated with the schools under review, 1 representative from the Diocese (optional)
  • The ARC represents the official conduit for information shared between the Board and the school communities.  The ARC may comment on and seek clarification of the Preliminary Administrative Report, and provide accommodation options beyond the Preliminary Administrative Report.  At a minimum, the ARC will provide feedback on the options contained in the Preliminary Administrative Report.
  • Public Consultation Period: The ARC must hold a minimum of 2 public meetings to solicit input and feedback from the community regarding the Preliminary Administrative Report and the accommodation options presented therein.  The consultation period must be a minimum of 40 days in length with 30 days advance notice given prior to the first public meeting.​
  • After the public consultation period concludes, the ARC and community feedback is summarized and considered.
  • Administration submits a Final Report to trustees and it is shared with the public.  Report to include all relevant information, documentation, ARC public meeting minutes, all materials presented and input received from the community.
  • An opportunity for public delegations to the trustees regarding the Final Report will be provided.
  • Trustees make final decision on the recommendation(s). 
  • The Board has the discretion to approve the recommendation(s) of the Final Report as presented, modify the recommendation(s), or to approve a different outcome.​