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Baptismal Certificate Information

How to Find A Baptismal Certificate: A Guide for Parents and Guardians 

Note: a Catholic baptismal certificate for either the child or custodial parent is required for elementary school registration. A baptismal certificate is not required for secondary school registration.
The London District Catholic School Board (LDCSB) and the Diocese of London cannot contact a diocese or parish on behalf of a parent/guardian to obtain a baptismal certificate/record. 
You must locate/provide your Catholic baptismal certificate/record yourself. This may require some time and research.

How to Find a Baptismal Certificate

Step 1: Look Around
Look in your files, photos, the family Bible(s), boxes of baby clothes, etc.
Step 2: Ask Family
Ask your parents, godparents, grandparents and/or siblings to see if they have it or remember where the baptism occurred
Step 3: Do Some Research
Contact the parish/church where the baptism occurred, or probably occurred (usually the city where you were born). The parish can provide a new baptismal record.
How to Find Church/Parish Contact Information
  • Southwestern Ontario: the Diocese of London covers the counties of Middlesex, Elgin, Norfolk, Oxford, Perth, Huron, Lambton, Kent and Essex. The Diocese of London cannot contact a parish on behalf of a parent/guardian to obtain a baptismal record. The Diocese of London’s website,, lists all parishes, including ones that have closed.
  • Canada and the United States: churches in dioceses in Canada and the United States are ordinarily very easy to find. The names of parishes, dioceses and their contact information are available online.
  • Outside Canada and the United States: Some churches, particularly in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, India and Southeast Asia, may be more difficult to contact, but it is usually possible to find contact information through an online search engine and/or social media (particularly Facebook).
  • Note: If the parish/church at which the baptism was celebrated has been closed, the sacramental records are usually transferred to a nearby parish/church. 
Step 4: Extreme Circumstances
In extremely rare cases, a record of baptism cannot be located. This usually occurs where there is/has been war or religious persecution in a specific geographic location.
In cases where no record of baptism can be located or obtained, it may be possible to complete an Affidavit attesting to the fact of baptism. If the applicant has immediate family in Canada (e.g., parents, siblings, etc.) then such a person can attest to the baptism. The applicant should approach his/her local parish. In the Diocese of London, all parishes are familiar with this process and can provide the necessary document that will serve as proof of Catholic baptism.
Note: If the applicant has civil or government documents that list religious affiliation, then these, along with the witnessed and certified Affidavit, will suffice as proof of Catholic baptism.