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New to Canada / International Students

If you are a family new to Canada or an international student looking to attend one of our schools, we are here to help!

Welcome Centre

Who should come to the Welcome Centre:

  • Elementary (Grades JK-8) or secondary (Grades 9-12) students new to Canada and English is not their first language
  • Any student born in Canada whose first language is not English
Contact Stephanie at the Welcome Centre at 519-636-2511 or
  • We will assess student’s current language and math skills
  • The assessor and a settlement worker will have a conversation about your family background and previous education
  • You will be introduced to the Ontario school system
  • You will be given information regarding community programs
  • Based on secondary language assessment, the place of school registration will be determined
Our mission is to support and educate newcomers about the expectations of the LDCSB schools and to make the transition as smooth as possible.

SWIS workers are available at the Welcome Centre and in our schools to assist parents and adult students with settlement needs. 

They can provide:

  • referrals to community and social service agencies, 
  • information and orientation to the community
  • assistance with documentation for immigration, settlement and citizenship

A SWIS consent to referral will be completed at the Welcome Centre or the neighbourhood school​

LDCSB International

LDCSB International was established to enhance the level of support available to international students working with agents who wish to study in London.

Key features:

  • partnerships with King's University College, Brescia University College and Fanshawe College​ to introduce students to the options available after high school and ensure motivated international students are prepared for post-secondary studies and success
  • orientation and peer-mentoring programs designed to introduce and integrate international students with their Canadian peers
  • superior English language programs custom-designed to help motivated international students acquire academic-level English
  • extracurricular activities that provide additional opportunities for international students to socialize with Canadian students to build cross-cultural understanding and further language development

International Students

We welcome applications, with payment of applicable fees, from international students seeking a Catholic secondary school education. Language support is offered in schools, with a full ESL program offered at Catholic Central High School in London.​

To apply as an International Student for secondary school (Grades 9 to 12), please review the International Student Application Agreement and required Terms of Admission Agreement. The International student application period opens May 1st and ends September 1st prior to the start of each school year. Apply early as late applications cannot be accepted.

Step 1:  
Complete the International Student Application and Custodianship Declaration Forms. A non-refundable application fee of $350 is required.

Step 2:
Review the Terms of Admission Agreement and compile all required documentation including certified translations in English. Once completed, sign the Terms of Admission Agreement to attend Catholic secondary school. 

Step 3:
Place the completed Application and signed Custodianship Forms, payment of required fees with 2 separate cheques and all documentation, attaching certified translations of documents in English in a secure, sealed envelope. Send the completed Application package to:

London District Catholic School Board​
Attention: Admissions Office​
5200 Wellington Road South
London, ON N6E 3X8​

Note: Please allow up to 2 weeks for processing of Applications and 6-8 weeks to apply for a Study Permit.

Step 4:
If accepted, the Admissions office will issue a letter for you to provide to the Canadian Embassy to apply for a Study Permit. All International students must receive a Study Permit issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, valid for the full school year, before leaving their home country to attend school in Canada.  

Step 5:
All International students must contact the Admissions office upon their arrival in Canada to present their Study Permit and Passport prior to registration at the school. Once the Terms of Admission have been validated, upon your arrival in Canada, you may contact the School's Guidance office to make an appointment to begin the registration process at the school.​

Please email for any questions/assistance.