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Find Your Home School

A student's designated home school is determined by their principal place of residence and grade level. School attendance areas are established through an accommodation review process and are determined by key factors such as population density and growth, school building capacity, natural barriers and more. Refer to the Board's School of Attendance Policy.

Click here to view links to regional and school boundaries. These maps are for general viewing only and should not be relied upon to determine school of attendance or transportation eligibility. The designated school shall be confirmed by the school only when a completed registration application has been validated. Once confirmed, you will be directed to register your child at the appropriate designated school. 

School Locator lets you check which schools are designated to your home address. Please know that information is not automatically updated and may not reflect boundary changes, map adjustments, new street, etc. The information provided applies to the current school year only and may be unreliable for future attendance or for addresses located close to a boundary line or affected by a boundary change. 

If information is not found in School Locator, please contact the Board's Admission Office at 519-663-2088 or [email protected]​​

Disclaimer: The school information and maps provided in this application are the property of the London District Catholic School Board and are not to be used for public or commercial distribution. The user agrees to view this information for their own personal use and accepts responsibility to not copy, modify or circulate the information or maps for any other purpose without the expressed written permission of the Board. The user of this application agrees to use School Locator for general purposes only and shall confirm the school of attendance at the time of registration. 
The use of School Locator is for information purposes only and is not intended to be used for purposes of determining school or transportation eligibility.