Support Catholic Schools

Did you know...

  • The default municipal school support designation in Ontario is English-Public.
  • To vote for Catholic School Board Trustees in municipal elections, you must be a Catholic school supporter through your property taxes. 
  • Your municipal tax bill is the easiest way to determine your designated school support. Be sure to check your bill to ensure the correct designation
  • If a change is required contact MPAC and request a change in school support designation.
    • OR contact your Catholic school and they can assist.
  • The voter roll is prepared as of December 31 so don’t delay - check it out today 


The importance of designating your support to Catholic Schools  

Whether you own or rent, have children or not, as a Roman Catholic you have the right to designate your support to the Catholic School Board, which is important because: 

  • It is the basis of attendance rights for admission into Catholic elementary schools. 
  • A Roman Catholic elector must be registered as a ‘separate school supporter’ in order to vote for school board trustees in municipal elections.
  • It establishes the level of support for Catholic schools and indicates to the government the overall strength and support of a publicly funded Catholic school system in Ontario.
  • It supports the board’s population projections, which affect funding for new pupil places and planning for special programs.​


Declare your Support  

It only takes a moment to complete the required Application for Direction of School Support Form​ (below)to designate your support as an English language Catholic School Supporter (Note: Form is legal size - check that entire Form is printed and includes signatures at the bottom).  In addition to this form, if you own or rent your home with a non-Catholic owner/tenant, you are required to complete a Separate School Lease Agreement (below)If you are registering a child for elementary school, these forms are included as part of the registration process and can be completed at the school. 

Completed form(s) may be mailed to:
Municipal Property Assessment Corporation
Attention: Central Processing Facility
1340 Pickering Parkway
Suite 101
Pickering ON L1V 0C4


Should you require assistance to complete the school support forms, or have questions about the process, please contact a local Catholic elementary school or the Admissions Office.

School Board Elections 

Under the Municipal Elections Act, municipal and school board elections are held every four years on the fourth Monday in October. The municipal office is responsible for conducting the election on behalf of school boards. 

If you qualify to vote for Catholic school trustees and want to be included on the Voter’s List, you must register your Catholic school support designation with the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation to be included on the Preliminary List of Electors or contact the municipality to be included on the Voters' List for Election Day. 

To qualify to vote for, or be a candidate for, Catholic school trustee, you must be:

  • A Canadian citizen
  • At least 18 years old 
  • A Roman Catholic
  • An English-language separate school supporter 
  • Reside within the jurisdiction of the London District Catholic School Board  

To confirm and update your elector eligibility information for the Preliminary List of Electors visit