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Alternative Learning Centre

The Alternative Learning Centre is committed to fostering a safe, inclusive, Christ-centered learning environment. The Centre hosts the Alternative Education Program and the Long-term Suspension Program. Students entering these programs will receive academic support and gain knowledge, skills and insight in an individualized program that is different from the traditional classroom environment.

Program Components

Each student's program is developed collaboratively with the student, parent/guardian and school team to ensure individual academic and non-academic needs are addressed. Students benefit from a small group classroom setting in order to earn secondary school credits.
Students may also access social work services while at the Centre. They may participate in non-academic, evidence-based, group activities focusing on various individual goals to develop skills required to achieve academic success.

Long-Term Suspension Program

​Students of the London District Catholic School Board who are suspended from their school for a period of six (6) or more days are invited to participate in the program at the Alternative Learning Centre. Participation is voluntary.
As part of the entry process, a student's school and the staff at the Alternative Learning Centre will develop a Student Action Plan (SAP) which will identify the academic supports required to continue with their school courses and the other programming that will promote positive behaviour for the transition back to school. 
In the academic program, the Centre will work with the school to ensure that work from the student's individual courses will be available for the student. The student will work with subject specific teachers as much as possible to remain up-to-date with their academics.
In the non-academic program, staff used a strength based approach drawn from current research to promote positive behaviour. The student's strengths are identified as the basis of change. Students may work with the social worker on staff at the Centre.
Upon completion of the suspension, a re-entry meeting will be scheduled for students and their families along with their home school and staff from the Centre to discuss a transition plan back to school.