e-Learning involves the use of electronic technologies to support learning and teaching. Through e-Learning Ontario, the Ministry of Education provides school boards new ways to teach Ontario's curriculum and new ways for students to succeed.

Students interested in taking e-Learning courses should contact their school Guidance Counsellor.  

Login to the LDCSB Virtual Learning Environment


Important Note to Travellers:

The Board has no way of guaranteeing that students who travel will have access during their travels outside of Canada.

To combat phishing e-mails and online identity theft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is required when travelling.  MFA is a way to protect users by prompting you to confirm that the computer or device you are using to access your board Office 365 account is trusted by you. This is often done by sending a text message to you or using an Authenticator application installed on one of your devices.   Students need to be aware that if you are planning to travel outside of Canada or the US, you will need to set up MFA before you leave Canada to access your Board e-mail or any sites (like the VLE) that use it to "authenticate" or grant you access. It cannot be set up outside of Canada.

There are three ways to configure MFA with Office365:
  1. Add a cell phone number to receive SMS text messages 
  2. Add a home/office phone number to receive an automated phone call. 
  3. Install the Microsoft Authenticator App on any WIFI enabled iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android Tablet or Windows PC to approve via a popup.  
​For a full explanation of MFA and how to set it up, be sure to consult the following:

​Summer School 2021

Summer School begins at the beginning of July. Registration and additional information is available at the Centre for Lifelong Learning website.  

​Prior to the start of summer school, registered students should watch the following videos. You will need to enter your Board e-mail address and password in order to access the first two videos.  If you are an out-of-board student and you are having difficulty logging in prior to July 5th with the information sent in your confirmation e-mail, please contact the Summer School Office:
Do not call D2L.  They will not be able to help with login issues.  Some additional technology support is available through the LDCSB IT Service Centre.  Click here to view a list of supports and contact information. 
A Student Virtual Learning Orientation course is available.  Inside the course you will find print instructions for use of a variety of VLE tools and a Tips for Success document.  Click on the big red Student Help button on the VLE My Home page (part way down the right side) to be taken to a page containing many additional help resources.
Videos  (updated June 14, 2021)
A playlist for the individual videos can be accessed here.