LDCSB e-Learning Courses

e-Learning involves the use of electronic technologies to support learning and teaching. Through e-Learning Ontario, the Ministry of Education provides school boards new ways to teach Ontario's curriculum and new ways for students to succeed. The London District Catholic School Board offers students the option of selecting e-Learning courses as part of their semester timetable. 

When considering an e-Learning course as an option, students and parents/guardians should review the following: 

Classroom for Your e-Learning Course 

There is no designated classroom assigned to students taking an e-Learning course, e-Learning course classrooms are virtual and found in the VLE 

 Where Do e-Learning Students Work? 

Students may choose to work on their e-Learning course 1) at home or 2) at school  

 Where Do I Go to Work on My e-Learning Course at School? 

If you choose to work on your e-Learning course at school please sign into the main office upon your arrival in the school building and then report to the designated locations indicated by your school administration to work on your course 

 Computer Technology to Support e-Learning 

Students working at home on e-Learning are responsible for arranging access to technology.  Students working at school are encouraged to use their own device where possible. School supplied devices are subject to availability which can change daily. If you require a school supplied device to work on your e-Learning course please inquire with the school on how this might be arranged.

 e-Learning Teacher 

e-Learning teachers work out of our virtual school, St. Josephine Bakhita. These teachers are LDCSB teachers, but they are not physically located in our school buildings. Contact with these teachers occurs through virtual platforms (VLE, email, phone, TEAMS).  

 e-Learning Course Format 

The e-Learning courses are asynchronous. This means that although the course is assigned to a student in their timetable during a specific period of the day, the work inside the course may be posted and completed at any time. There are no scheduled sessions within the course that are mandatory to attend at a certain time (for example, there will not be a regularly scheduled full class meeting).  


Students are expected to demonstrate active engagement in their e-Learning course daily. Active engagement means checking announcements, interacting with content, submitting assignments, reviewing and posting in discussions, email etc.  

 Support with the VLE 

Students who are having technical trouble with the VLE should review all the resources and suggestions found by clicking the student help widget on the homepage of the VLE.


e-Learning Offerings and How to Select an e-Learning Course

LDCSB e-Learning Course Offerings are updated each school year and can be found in myBlueprint under the subject discipline of e-Learning. Students can view this by logging into their myBlueprint account and looking up courses in their High School Plan or by viewing the list within their school course calendar on the board website. Students can add an e-Learning course to their schedule by selecting it during the designated course selection time (typically in the month of February) or outside of this time by making an appointment with their guidance counsellor to discuss the option.


How Do I Access myBlueprint?

LDCSB students access their myBlueprint account by clicking on the tile on the home page of their myLDCSB account or on the home page of their VLE. No username or password is required to access myBlueprint as long as you are an LDCSB student logged into your myLDCSB account.