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Promoting Businesses, Groups, Events and Movements in the LDCSB

The LDCSB receives many requests throughout the year to promote or advertise a group, event or movement at the LDCSB Board Office, in LDCSB schools, on our websites, social media platforms, etc. Requests come in various forms, from distributing printed materials, to emailing or posting items online, to displaying posters or flags, and more.
The primary purpose of the LDCSB is to educate students, based on curriculum expectations set out by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Our schools are not an opportunity for organizations to promote or sell items/services to students or families. Considerations are made if there is a service or program that would benefit a particular school or community, and are determined on a case-by-case basis.
Significant societal events can impact our staff, students and families. At the LDCSB, we strive to ensure that we support our educators, our students and their families with resources and materials that will enable better understanding and recognition. 
Very often, a symbol, logo or other visual item is created to represent an event or movement. While these items are powerful visual aids, displaying a symbolic gesture is not the same as serving our students. Serving our students must include practices and experiences which will further their social, emotional and spiritual growth. Every school creates an annual Belonging Plan which contain initiatives and activities that take place throughout the school year to promote safe, caring, inclusive and healthy communities for everyone.
Recognition and support are different than displaying a symbolic gesture such as a flag, sign or poster. We are always looking to support and serve students in meaningful ways, beyond displaying an item for the sake of branding. 
Flags can be displayed at LDCSB schools and buildings in one of two ways: on outdoor flagpoles and inside the building and/or classrooms. For outdoor flagpoles, the practice at the LDCSB is to fly only the Canadian flag. Inside a school building and/or classroom, flags from other countries, groups or organizations may be displayed as appropriate. For example, the Vatican flag would not be flown on the outdoor flagpole, but may be displayed inside a school or other building.
Political signage or symbols may not be displayed anywhere on LDCSB properties or buildings.