School Maps

Please note: These maps are for general viewing only and should not be relied upon to determine school of attendance or transportation eligibility. A student's designated home school is determined by their principal place of residence and grade level. 

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Specialty Programs

Choir and Orchestra Program: St. Mary Choir Catholic School in London accepts students from across the LDCSB (Grades 5-8)

French Immersion Programs: ​​​​​​​​​​​​

Elementary French Immersion school programs are located in:

City of London and Middlesex County: St. John (North of Thames River only) and St. Anthony  (South of Thames River only)
Elgin County: St. Anne's St. Thomas
Oxford County: Holy Family, Woodstock​


Secondary French Immersion school programs are located at:

Mother Teresa (City of London and Middlesex and Elgin Counties) 
St. Mary's, Woodstock​ (Oxford County)