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Why Catholic Education?

There is something unique and truly special about education that has faith and spiritual growth at the heart of academic and social learning. The distinct faith-filled experiences offered to our children on their learning journey will help prepare them for a positive future.
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Wellness Wednesdays: Mental Health and Well-being Tips for all

There is a direct link to the high stress levels and inability to wait or have self-control. In short, when we are stressed, we are more impatient. In today’s Wellness Wednesday post, we learn about how to activate self-control and patience in our lives.
Susan Hopkins

Presenting Susan Hopkins on Self-Reg Parenting

Susan Hopkins, Executive Director of The MEHRIT Centre, will introduce the Shanker Self-Reg Framework and show how Self-Reg gives parents a new path to understanding, supporting and connecting with their children - Wednesday January 22, 2020, at STA from 6-8 pm.
School to Community Pathways Program at Holy Cross
Holy Cross Catholic Secondary's School to Community Pathways Program prepares 300 daily servings of protein, carbohydrate and fruit or vegetable, for the school wide Breakfast Program. Students, with the help of their classroom teacher and educational assistants prepare, make and cook a variety of home cooked meals and fresh fruits and vegetables.