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Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity

World Diversity
Welcome to our Board where All are Welcome!
The LDCSB is committed to improving the experiences and outcomes of all students, including Indigenous students, Black and other racialized groups of students, students with disabilities and/or special education needs, 2SLGBTQ+ students, students from low-income households, and students new to Canada. As a Catholic community, equity, diversity, justice and inclusion are values rooted in our faith.
In addition, the LDCSB believes that a culture of collaboration, trust and respect can strengthen our partnerships with students, staff, family, and community. We are committed to celebrating the diversity, dignity, success, and worth of all individuals, and seek to strengthen our recognition of all voices in our community.  
As stewards of Catholic education, we believe in the sacredness of human life. We recognize that systemic racism impacts the daily lives of our students, staff and families in ways that are unjust and prevalent. While we have done some important equity work in the LDCSB, we recognize that we have a lot more work to do to eradicate racism and all forms of oppression.
Equity Action Plan
The LDCSB is currently reviewing and updating our Equity Action Plan to address systemic barriers to student success.
Graduation Coach Program for Black Students
The Graduation Coach Program for Black Students is a Ministry of Education initiative designed to provide intensive, culturally responsive support to Black students with the goal of improving their well-being and achievement. The program is entirely voluntary and open to African, Black and Caribbean students from grades 9 to 12 and families who wish to access these supports. The Graduation Coach Program for Black, African and Caribbean students is a targeted initiative that will aid in the support of self-identified Black students along with their families and community with the overall goal of seeing each self-identifying student achieve credits, graduate and successfully transition into post-secondary and/or the workforce.
As a school board, LDCSB is committed to supporting all students to achieve their full potential. However, we recognize that systemic racism and discrimination are deeply embedded in social, economic, educational and political structures and organizations. This creates systemic barriers that may lead to inequitable outcomes for equity-deserving groups, including members of the Black community. One of the key objectives of this program is to create identity-affirming spaces for Black students.
The Graduation Coach Program for Black students provides individualized supports for Black students and their families with the goal of seeing reach student feel safe, supported, accepted, and affirmed. The Graduation Coach acts as a mentor, advocate and adviser for Black students. Academically, the Graduation Coach will support with preparartion into secondary and post-secondary transitions, with course credits and community accumulation. The Graduation Coach is committed to collaborating with school administrators, educators, staff, families, post-secondary institutions, and community resources to support Black student achievement and well-being.
If interested in participating in the program, please print out and complete the permission form below. You can also complete the online participation form.
Black Student
LDCSB Inclusive Calendar 2023-24
At the London District Catholic School Board, we aim to celebrate and honour the diversity that is represented in our school communities. The purpose of this inclusive calendar is to recognize important dates, weeks and months of the school year. This is a living document; therefore, the calendar will continue to be update over time as needed. We welcome any feedback that you may have.
November 1: All Saints Day
November 1: Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos)
November 2: All Souls Day
November 11: Remembrance Day
November 12: Diwali
November 16: Louis Riel Day
November 27: Guru Nanak Gurpurab
February 10: Lunar New Year
February 13: Mardi Gras (Shrove or Pancake Tuesday)
February 14-March 28: Lent
February 15: Nirvana Day
February 24: Lantern Festival
February 28: Pink Shirt Day
March 10-April 9: Ramadan
April 6: Laylat al-Qadr (Night of Power)
April 9-10: Eid Al-Fitr
April 13: Vaisakhi
April 14: Vishu
April 22: Earth Day
April 22-30: Pesach (Passover)