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Anti-Racism, Diversity, and Inclusivity

LDCSB Anti-Racism, Diversity, and Inclusivity Commitments

As stewards of Catholic education, we believe in the sacredness of human life.  

We recognize that systemic racism impacts the daily lives of our students, staff and families in ways that are unjust and prevalent. We have done some important equity work in LDCSB and we recognize that we have a lot more work to do to eradicate racism. 


We will continue our partnership with LUSO Community Services Multicultural Outreach Program which has provided a sustained effort to eliminate hatred, racism and discrimination in our schools and community through cultural competency and sensitivity education, as well as supporting students and staff in navigating difficult conflicts and conversations, and providing important healing and reconciliation for families, students, and the communities in which they live. 


We have provided Deep Diversity: Overcoming Us vs Them: Leadership Skills for Inclusive Schools and Workplaces training for all school and system leaders. 


We have continued and will continue to provide Deep Diversity training for various staff groups such as Chaplaincy Leaders, Social Workers, Learning Services (Central Education Staff), Anti-Racism, Diversity, and Inclusivity School Champions. 


The Equity Continuum: Action for Critical Transformation in Schools and Classrooms resource that was provided schools will continue to be a resource for schools to use to audit their schools from an anti-racism lens. Through both the School Belonging Plan and the School Improvement Plan for Student Achievement and Well-Being, schools will be asked to identify specific initiatives they will undertake. 


The Anti-Racism, Diversity and Inclusivity Committee is engaged in the following further actions: 

Available resources, processes and evidence-informed strategies to foster anti-racism, diversity and inclusivity will be reviewed and recommendations will be made as to where we should invest. 


Learning Services will work on embedding anti-racism, including anti-black racism, education into each curriculum area to ensure a cross-curricular approach. 
This week will continue to focus on inclusivity, specifically on anti-racism. 
Collaborate with Student Senate to create a Diversity Minister on every Secondary Student Council, and including a Diversity Minister on every Elementary Student Council  
The Anti-Racism, Diversity and Inclusivity School Champion will be provided with opportunities for further training (such as Deep Diversity) as well as opportunities to collaborate with other Anti-Racism, Diversity, and Inclusivity Champions
There will be a focus on anti-racism, diversity, and inclusivity with respect to school improvement. 
We will continue to partner with the Diocese as we take actions to address systemic racism and discrimination. 
Looking at actions we can take to increase diversity and ensure bias-free hiring practices. 
Engage Parent and Student Voices from Members of Our Racialized Community.