Pivot to Remote Learning

Today the Ontario government announced additional measures which will affect LDCSB students and staff over the coming weeks.  


Elementary schools: learning for elementary students will begin January 5 but will occur remotely through the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) until at least January 17 


Secondary schools: Quadmester 2 courses will continue on January 5 but will be delivered fully remotely through the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) until at least January 17.  


The school day during remote learning will look very similar to the schedule students were already following before the Christmas Break. Attendance will be taken multiple times each day, so parents and guardians must continue to report absences through SchoolMessenger. 


During the remote learning period, learning for students will be both synchronous and asynchronous.  


Synchronous Learning: happens in real time with live interaction with a teacher/educator. Synchronous learning involves educators using text, video or voice communication to connect with students in real time.   


Asynchronous Learning: learning that is not delivered in real time. Students work at their own pace. It may involve students watching pre-recorded video lessons, completing assigned tasks, etc. 


How to Access Remote Learning through the VLE 

Assistance with Login Issues and LDCSB Devices 



Other Programs and Facilities 

  • Before and after school programs: closed until schools reopen 
  • Daycare centres located at LDCSB schools: please check with daycare providers 
  • Alternative education programs; adult and continuing education programs: details will be communicated to students directly   
  • Co-Op Placements, OYAP, SWAC and Dual-Credit: details will be forthcoming   
  • All school buildings will be closed to students until in-person learning resumes 



Updates will be provided as more detailed information becomes available.