School Board Receives Additional Funding for Regina Mundi Catholic College Replacement and Woodstock Elementary School Expansion

Regina Mundi Catholic College (Secondary School) Replacement

Today the Ministry of Education has announced that it has granted additional funds for a replacement secondary school for Regina Mundi Catholic College (RMC) in London. The revised amount to construct the new building is $51.6 million. Rising material and construction costs, inflation and delays due to the pandemic contributed to the need for additional funding.


The new school, to be built on the current property, will have a capacity for approximately 700 students. Construction could start as early as Spring of 2024. 


“This is amazing news for high school students in south London” said Vince Romeo, Director of Education. “With this updated funding model, we are excited to be able to move forward and build a purpose-built, modern facility designed to serve the school community. We are thankful for the support of the Ministry of Education in moving this project forward.”


The current building has changed significantly over the years. Regina Mundi was established by the Diocese of London in 1963 as a junior seminary for 60 young men. It was then converted to a boarding school and then to a secondary school. Dorm rooms on the second and third floors were changed into classrooms, and a hall was converted into a science wing. Regina Mundi College became part of the school board in 1983. The boarding component of the school ended in 1987 and RMC became a full-time co-ed day school.


Regina Mundi is Latin for “Queen of the World” in honor of Mary, Mother of God.



St. Michael’s Catholic Elementary School, Woodstock Expansion

Today the Ministry of Education has announced that it has granted additional funds towards a scope change to include a larger gym as part of the expansion at the rapidly growing St. Michael’s Catholic Elementary School in Woodstock. The $11.1 million expansion will now include space for an additional 230 students (increasing the total capacity to around 610), a larger gym, and a five-room child-care centre. Current enrollment at the school is approximately 550 students.