LDCSB Receives Funding for New Elementary School Just West of London

The Ministry of Education has announced that it has granted approval and $20.6 million in benchmark funding for a new elementary school and childcare centre in Middlesex Centre.


The new school, to be built just west of London in the Kilworth-Komoka area on a site yet to be determined, will have a capacity for 424 students as well as a five-room childcare centre.


“This is great news for the LDCSB” said Vince Romeo, Director of Education. “Our schools in Delaware and the west end of London are bursting with students. This new school will relieve pressure on our existing schools and will also be able to accommodate new students moving into an area that is experiencing significant residential development."


LDCSB’s Newest Elementary School: St. Gabriel, Set to Open Early 2025

The LDCSB’s newest school, currently under construction and on track to open in early 2025, will be named St. Gabriel Catholic Elementary School.


The 507-student school is located in NW London off Burloak Drive, near Hyde Park Road and Sunningdale Road. St. Gabriel will welcome students from St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Elementary School, with more than 400 students transferring to St. Gabriel.


In anticipation of a move during the school year, classes of future St. Gabriel students will be created, who will move as a group to the new school. A principal has already been assigned to the new school and will share additional details with families and staff over the next few months.


The latest photos of the St. Gabriel school site are on the LDCSB website: LDCSB.ca > Schools > New School Construction.


About the LDCSB

The LDCSB has 43 elementary schools (soon to be 46) and 9 secondary schools, with 4,400+ staff working together to educate and support more than 26,000 students.


The London region is one of the fastest growing areas in Canada, and the LDCSB is growing rapidly as well. Our student population has increased approximately 30% over the past five years.