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Assistive Technology and SEA Resources

Assistive technology is any device, software, or equipment that helps people work around their challenges. Some examples of assistive technology are text-to-speech and word prediction. Assistive Technology with the London District Catholic School Board is offered through the Special Education Amount (SEA). The resources found on this page will support the tools used by the LDCSB. 


Interactive Read & Write Toolbar


LDCSB YouTube Video Playlist

Introduction to Read & Write

Read & Write in the VLE

 How to Use 

Speech Input Overview

Setting Profiles


LDCSB Videos 



Boardmaker 7 Overview 

WEBINAR: Visual Strategies with BoardmakerOnline 

Learning Tools - Accessibility Features in Word - Office 365


iPad Super Device Guide  

Use the Accessibility Shortcut 


Guided Access (lock iPad to one App)  
Restrict Safari to One Website 

Assistive Touch 

Chromebook Accessibility Options

 Intro to Chrome & Chrome OS Accessibility Video Series


Making Your Chromebook Easier to See 

 Chromebooks by Keyboard: Navigating the Chrome OS Interface 


Chromebooks by Keyboard: Browsing Tabs and Links 

 Navigating Your Chromebook by Keyboard: Searching and the Address Bar

 Chromebook Mobility-Assistive Features and Functionality

Introducing the ChromeVox Next Screen Reader on Chromebooks 


Using ChromeVox on your Chromebook: Fundamentals 

Introducing Orbit Note