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Parent Involvement Committee

Meetings are currently held in-person and online via Teams. If you wish to join the public portion of the Board of Trustees Meeting or any Board Committee meeting, please contact: Lucy da Costa at 519-663-2088 x40003 or [email protected] prior to 3 pm on the date of the meeting. Login information for the Teams conference will be made available to you.


The London District Catholic School Board is a firm supporter of Catholic Learning Communities working collaboratively with parents in partnership to promote faith formation, student learning and a positive school climate. The LDCSB-PIC provides support to Catholic School Councils to run effective meetings, engage parents in their children's learning and ensure schools are welcoming.   

Why get involved in the School Council? Parental involvement is a significant predictor of student success. Parents who are involved in some way are more likely to have children that perform better in school.